Flo-Tech’s EnVision

Flo-Tech’s EnVision™ for the Environment

Flo-Tech is committed to reducing our environmental impact and yours. We partner with you to implement best practices that optimize your printing and imaging for the environment. We deliver products and solutions that help you achieve reduced paper and energy consumption along with a reduced carbon footprint. That is the mission of our EnVision™ for the Environment Program.

While the EnVision™ Program has received industry accolades and recognition, we take greater pride in the recognition we provide our clients for their commitment to sustainability and the many ways we are working together to support “greening” their printing and imaging:

  • Green Printer Settings – implementing default printer settings for duplexing, power save and auto shut off for starters
  • Products Designed with the Environment in mind  Flo-Tech partners with HP and Canon who both have extensive environmental charters and provide devices with the highest environmental ratings
  • End of Life Options for printers/copiers/MFPs we help clients evaluate the best available options for proper disposal of devices ranging from recycling to donation programs and/or trade-in programs
  • Supply Recycling clients are automatically enrolled in Flo-Tech’s EnVision™ recycling program and every year contribute to saving hundreds of thousands of quarts of oil from being burned and tons of non-biodegradable waste from entering our landfills.

What impact can you make? 

Find out how you can participate in our EnVision™ program and be recognized on Earth Day for your commitment to sustainability.

    Flo-Tech EnVision Recycling Program

    Every year through Flo-Tech’s EnVision Recycling Program, Flo-Tech customers help to protect our environment saving hundreds of thousands of quarts of oil from being burned and over 100 tons of hazardous waste from entering our landfills. Every cartridge counts. Each toner cartridge recycled through this program prevents 3 quarts of oil from being burned and prevents 2.5 pounds of hazardous waste from finding its way into our over burdened landfills.